Baby Among Us Caused A Huge Monster Impostor

Baby Among Us Caused A Huge Monster Impostor

The Stickmen and the Among Us characters have again joined forces to carry out a responsible task. The Stickmen need to send an Among Us baby to the Airship! Difficulties lie in wait for them everywhere – the ship breaks, the imposter never sleeps, but most importantly they’re faced with a restless child that turns everything around it into an apocalyptic catastrophe! Will the the Stickmen manage to deliver the child safe and sound? Turn on the video to find out!

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00:00 – A task of special importance!
00:27 – The secret plant laboratory
1:45 – Among Us electricians
2:04 – A great meme
2:28 – Cool down!
3:36 – Won’t catch us!
4:40 – Awwwww
5:19 – Anything but that!
7:43 – The ship crashes
8:10 – The Infinity Gauntlet
9:03 – Say hello to 1,000 baby Among Us characters

Music by Epidemic Sound​​

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