Among Us Logic: The God Imposter | Cartoon Animation

Among Us Logic: The God Imposter | Cartoon Animation

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Everyone keeps playing with ridiculously powered mods, and Player needs help. He turns to the most powerful being in all of Among Us, a giant three-headed space sloth, that grants Player the power of God Imposter. Now he must choose whether to use his new found powers for good, or for evil…

A NewScape Studios Production

Ryan Stewart

Illustrators / Animators :
Austin Bradley
Cleopatra Weeks
Elizabeth Dettmann
Liam Manning
Mary Clark

Background Artists:
Ariana Perry
Catherine Galbraith

Thumbnail Artist:
Tihara Ezzo

Voice Actors:
Abigail Turner
Ariel Hack
Cory Crater
J.V. Jowett
K. William Scott
Ryan Stewart

Henry Arrambide
K. William Scott

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